Kingdom : Legendary War



Introduction Stage - 100 Seconds Performances

➔The six boy groups will each perform one of their hit songs (that have won 1st place in a music show) for a 100-second performance that will best express themselves.


Round 1 - To The World

➔The six boy groups each perform one (or two) of their representative hit songs, which are rearranged and different from their usual stages of the song.


Round 2 - RE:BORN

➔The six boy groups will exchange songs, perform and rearrange them into a different style.


Round 3 - No Limit

➔The premise of "No Limit" is that there are no restrictions for the performances in this round. A total of 40,000 points will be awarded in this round.

                                                  Rap Units : Mayfly — Colours

                                                     Dance Units :  Mayfly — Wolf

                                                Vocal Units : Mayfly — Love Poem



Final Round - Who Is The King

➔The six boy groups will each perform a newly produced song live on the final episode. The new songs will be released digitally on May 28, 2021 at 12:00 (KST).

                                            "Finale (Show and Prove)"  

                                                    King's Voice - A Boy's Diary



Arashi's diary voyage 19,21

NINO's diary :

i love seeing arashi's member as a guest on their diaries >,<

aiba and kazama so cute. nino practicing with his piano looking so hot. i got really emotional when nino show video clip of ohno didn't move at all. that's so cute but it makes me cry when nino genuinely said he love it. time really flew by and now it's december 2020 already . i'm gonna miss seeing arashi being together. back then i still happy even though i knew they will hiatus but now reality hits me hard when its december 2020 already. i don't want to believe it. i just love arashi so much. 

JUN's diary : 

first of all jun is cute. i love it when arashi keep saying jun is kawaii ;)

all members looking so happy when they tells story of jun.

nino said others don't know how tiring to actually organize arashi's concert or anything and how much hard work jun pours into it makes me so sad. jun really being responsible about arashi and his fans. jun really struggles to bring out the best performance and let his fans to experience variety of things everytime they performs. i don't think anyone can handle the burden other than matsujun as he loves arashi so much. jun's true feelings is out when he drinks with ohno. he said it's tiring T_T .

it's must be hard for jun to be cold and unapproachable character. when arashi said they know the real  matsumoto jun the best is the cutest moments ever. 

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